Trays for Assaggiaolio® and Degustaolio

The line of trays is designed to facilitate table service of Assaggiaolio® and Degustaolio glasses paired with your delicious food preparations. The elegant and refined design of the white glass trays creates the perfect atmosphere for presenting pairings between different types of oil and food.

If the tasting service becomes engaging and special with the use of the tasting glasses because they are designed to enhance the aroma of the oil, the line of trays is, on the other hand, designed to create a unique experience for the customer in which taste and sight are the protagonists.

Their versatility, then, makes this line suitable for multiple occasions, from catering to hospitality to special events and creates an atmosphere of exclusivity even in the simple use of tasting glasses.

The trays in the line are made with handcrafted techniques and using only high-quality materials. The glass  is a flat type, available in satin white. This finish gives the tray an elegant and refined appearance, perfect for presenting oil and food pairings in an appealing manner.

The craftsmanship of the production guarantees, therefore, superior quality and meticulous workmanship in every detail, for a visually striking end result. The choice to use opaque white flat glass makes the trays functional and elegant at the same time.


Opaque white glass
30 x 16 cm


Packaged in single box.


Opaque white glass
16 x 16 cm


Packaged in single box.


LUNA TRAY 2 spaces
Glossy white glass
28 x 15 cm

With a space for our glass and one for your preparations.

Packaged in single box.


LUNA TRAY 6 spaces
Glossy white glass
35 X 26 cm

With 3 spaces for food and 3 spaces for glasses.

Single boxed packages

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Choosing handcrafted white flat glass trays is a quality investment that will make the tasting service even more special for an unforgettable customer experience.