DEGUSTAOLIO, The multifunctional glass for bringing olive oil to the table

Degustaolio is the result of a collaboration between restaurant professionals who have made oil the cornerstone of their cuisine. The multifunctional glass is designed to bring consumers closer to the high quality of EVO Oil in restaurants, offering a playful and less formal approach to tasting.

Thanks to its innovative features, Degustaolio allows you to taste EVO Oil in three different ways. It is possible to taste the oil in a technical way, as with Assaggiaolio®. Alternatively, you can make pinzimonio thanks to its wide top. Finally, you can pour the oil over your dishes through the side spout.

he Degustaolio glass is a unique and versatile solution that makes tasting EVO Oil an even more enjoyable and engaging experience. Not only does it offer the consumer the opportunity to taste oil in a different way, but also to discover new flavors and aromas that usually go unnoticed.

Degustaolio is an innovative product that puts oil at the center of the table and makes tasting a fun and engaging moment. An invitation to discover the high quality of EVO Oil and to share this experience with tablemates.

Andrea Perini chef of the restaurant Al 588 Borgo i Vecelli


Handcrafted in mouth-blown glass, it can be customized with your logo.


in Clock glass

Made of borosilicate glass, it can be painted in any colour.

Diameter 80mm

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Degustaolio is a glass made entirely in Italy from mouth-blown glass. Available in transparent glass, it can be equipped on request with the watch glass lid, which protects the oil from external agents while preserving its organoleptic characteristics.

The glass is suitable for food contact, as it is free from the presence of any heavy metal. This makes it safe for health and suitable for tasting high-quality oils.

The distinguishing feature of Degustaolio is its small side spout, which allows the oil to be poured precisely and in a controlled manner over the dishes. This feature is ideal for those who like to experiment with pairings.

In addition, its sleek and elegant design makes it a perfect tableware item because it can be used for both important occasions and less formal meals.

Degustaolio is packaged in the single custom cardboard box.

The display for Degustaolio along with Ò The Oil Space, is made of wood with accommodations for 2 glasses. Included in all is the cardboard panel printed with the image of the products. It is available upon request.

Customization of Degustaolio

In addition to its functional features, Degustaolio also offers the possibility of customization. Thanks to screen printing, which allows for designs and images that do not fade over time and are resistant to washing, it is possible to create a unique and personalized tumbler suitable for representing your company or event. This feature makes Degustaolio a perfect item for companies who want to promote their brand or for restaurateurs who want to offer their customers a unique dining experience.