Ò The Oil Space

the cup that exalts oil

Ò The Oil Space is the newest addition to the Assaggiaolio® line and is the result of a collaboration with designer Matteo Giarrè with the aim of creating an innovative product that uniquely enhances extra virgin olive oil and is perfectly in line with a new philosophy of presenting high-quality EVO oils.

The container, in fact, rises and becomes the protagonist of your mise en place, first of all highlighting the golden reflections of the oil, which enhance the sight even before the taste.
This is a product created to celebrate oil and any creation where oil is the protagonist, such as your mousses, finger-foods and special sauces.

It is handcrafted from mouth-blown glass and can be personalized with your logo.

Ò The Oil Space

Made of mouth-blown glass, customizable in screen printing

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Customizing the cup Ò

Ò The Oil Space is a product that offers the possibility of turning into a communication tool for your company. Customization with your logo or the image of an event you are organizing, through screen printing, makes each cup unique and distinctive.

Screen printing is a printing technique that guarantees a high quality printed image, making this special cup an excellent choice for creating a strong and memorable visual presence. In addition, the ability to also add varnishing makes the customization even more unique and special.

Each Ò Lo Spazio dell’Olio cup is packaged in its own personalized cardboard box. he display for Ó Lo Spazio dell’olio along with Degustaolio, is made of wood. Included in all is the cardboard panel printed with the image of the product. It is available upon request.

Andrea Perini