Handmade blown glasses for the professional tasting and table service of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The perfect glass for olive oil tasting


Ò The Oil Space

A line of products dedicated to olive oil tasting, in mouth-blown glass and flat glass, designed and handcrafted in Italy.

The Assaggiaolio® glass is the best professional tasting tool. It is made of mouth-blown glass according to the international COI standard.

Degustaolio is the multi-purpose glass, which allows various approaches to the taste of high-quality EVO Oil, even for the less experienced.

Ò The Oil Space is a unique object, born from the collaboration between Fara Vetrerie and designer Matteo Giarrè, to present EVO Olive Oil as the absolute protagonist on the table.

A line of dishes designed specifically for table service of food to be served with Assaggiaolio® and Degustaolio.

mouth-blown glass beakers
and flat glass trays